We’re back with another super fun trick tutorial featuring none other than Jason Park, one of our favorite special guests and one of the most incredible skateboarders you’ll ever see! In the video below, Jason teaches Glo and Uzi a unique and slightly terrifying mini-ramp trick; the one-footed rock to fakie. Though it seems daunting at first, it’s a trick that becomes incredibly easy to do once you get the feel for it. Watch the video below and join along with Uzi and Glo under the tutelage of Jason Park as we learn the one-footed rock to fakie!

How to One-Footed Rock to Fakie

  1. Instead of putting your back foot on the tail like you would for a normal rock to fakie, point your toes towards the nose, place your heel in the middle of the tail and cover the back bolts with the middle of your back foot. This will give you the leverage you need to clear the coping and pull your board back into whatever transition you’re skating.
  2. Approach the obstacle with just enough speed to get your front trucks over the coping. It’s important to not go too fast and to try to keep your body in the transition instead of over the deck.
  3. Right before your front trucks reach the coping, remove your front foot from the board. You won’t need to lift the board, the coping will kind of bump you into the stall.
  4. While you’re in rock, your front foot stays off the board.
  5. Once you’re ready to clear the coping and rock it back in, simply apply some weight on your back heel, clear the coping then push your front foot down/back on the bolts, bend your knees, adjust your back foot and ride away fakie.

As we’re sure you could tell from the video, we had an insane amount of fun skating and learning from the one and only Jason Park. We’re so happy to have Jason at the Braille House so as always, shout out and thank you to Jason Park. Be sure to follow him on his Instagram and Youtube! Uzi and Glo both found success with this trick and we’re confident that you will too once you give the one-footed rock to fakie a try. Follow Jason’s advice, give it everything you’ve got just like Uzi and Glo did, and before you know it you’ll be one-footed rock to fakie-ing everything in sight.

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