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Braille ABEC9 Bearings from Braille Skateboarding!

We are very excited to announce for the first time in Braille history, we have Braille Bearings! Braille Bearings, or BBs for short (really hoping that catches on) are great quality bearings, perfect for all skateboard wheels.

  • 8 black heat treated inner and outer black rings
  • ABEC 9
  • Custom selected for durability
  • 2 removeable speed shields (rubber coated metal shields)
  • Inner delrin crown ball retainer
  • 7 triple honed carbon steel balls
  • Pre-lubricated for speed out of the box

Looking a complete setup to get you rolling? Check out all the Braille Completes here! You can choose Braille ABEC9 Bearings in any of the completes alongside your favourite decks, wheels, trucks and hardware!

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