Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 3: Grinds & Slides (Digital Download)




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Braille Skateboarding proudly introduces the third volume in the Skateboarding Made Simple series which is all about grinds and slides!

I chose grinds and slides to be third in the series because they require more precision and skill than manual tricks. They are a good next step after you have gotten some of your manual tricks down.   It requires quite a bit of skill to ollie up and land onto the edge of a ledge or rail. That is why this video is broken down into simple and basic steps, allowing you to master each trick at your own pace.


Skateboarding Made Simple Vol 3 is a complete “Skateboard Grinds and Slides” tutorial!  Each trick is broken down into steps. Once you’ve mastered each step, you’ll be able to put together the whole trick smoothly and simply.  The tricks are also set up in the proper learning order from easiest to hardest.  The video is 1 hour long and covers the following tricks:


  • Backside Boardslides
  • Frontside Boardslides
  • Backside 50-50s
  • Frontside 50-50s
  • Backside 5-0s
  • Frontside 5-0s
  • Backside Nose Grinds
  • Frontside Nose Grinds
  • Backside Nose Slides
  • Frontside Nose Slides
  • Frontside Tailslides
  • Backside Crooked Grinds
 The Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes are extremely detailed and easy to follow. Each individual volume is dedicated to specific aspects of skateboarding. They average slightly above an hour in length. Each trick, regardless of its simplicity or difficulty, is broken down into the perfect gradient. This makes it so you are never stuck on one trick. These volumes do not just give you tips or tricks to land certain things. They are full walk-throughs, breaking down each step into separate parts, allowing you to put together all of the tricks easily. Once you get and use these videos, your progression on your skateboard will amaze you! You will be able to put together many different combinations of tricks after learning these basic grinds and slides.
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